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JEEP Car Covers, full range of Stormshield Outdoor Car Covers, Prestige Indoor Car Covers, Reveal Silks and Dust Covers, hand-made here in the UK

We carry a full range of specialised car covers for the JEEP range. Including our full range of JEEP Prestige indoor car covers, Stormshield car covers, JEEP reveal, dust and showroom car covers. Whether you are looking for a classic JEEP car cover or a modern JEEP car cover, you will find a full comprehensive selection available by clicking the link for your selected model or selecting the model you are looking for in our drop-down menu’s. If you would rather chat through the options, please just use the web chat pop-up on the lower right-hand side of the screen or simply call 0191 2845130. Alternatively, you can always email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Simply select your model from the list below and start shopping for JEEP car covers

Cherokee Cherokee 2
Cherokee 2.5 CRD LTD Cherokee 2.5 D
Cherokee 2.8 CRD Cherokee 2.8 CRD Automatic
Cherokee 2.8 CRD Limited Automatic Cherokee 3.7 Limited
Cherokee Limited 2.8 CRD 4x4 Cherokee Limited 2.8 CRD 4x4 Automatic
Cherokee Limited 3.7 Cherokee LTD 2.8 CRD 4WD
Cherokee LTD 2.8 CRD 4x4 Cherokee LTD 2.8 CRD 4x4 Automatic
Cherokee LTD 3.7 Automatic Cherokee LTD 3.7 V6 4x4 Automatic
Cherokee Renegade 2.8 CRD 4x4 Automatic Cherokee Renegade 3.7 V6 4x4 Automatic
Cherokee Sport 2.4 Cherokee Sport 2.5 CRD
Cherokee Sport 2.5 TD Cherokee Sport 2.8 CRD
Cherokee Sport 2.8 CRD 4WD Cherokee Sport 2.8 CRD 4x4
Cherokee Sport 2.8 CRD 4x4 Automatic Cherokee Sport 2.8 CRD Automatic
Cherokee Sport 3.7 Cherokee Sport 3.7 Automatic
Cherokee Sport 3.7 V6 4x4 Automatic CJ 3A
CJ 5 CJ 5 D
CJ 53 700 CJ 7
CJ5 CJ5 3
CJ5 3.2 D CJ7
CJ72.1 D Commander
Compass Dakar
Grand Cherokee Grand Cherokee 2
Grand Wagoneer Grand Wagoneer 5900
Icon Concept Jeepster
Jeepster VJ2 Jeepster VJ2 2.2
Jeepster VJ2 2.4 Jeepster VJ2 2400
Liberty Liberty 2
Liberty 3 MB
Patriot 2 Renegade
Varsity Concept Willys 2 Concept
Willys Concept Wrangler
Wrangler 2 Wrangler 2.4 Sport
Wrangler 2.5 D Wrangler 2.8 CRD
Wrangler 2.8 CRD Automatic Wrangler 2.8 CRD Unlimited
Wrangler 2.8 CRD Unlimited Automatic Wrangler 3
Wrangler 3.0 Sport Wrangler 3.8 Rubicon
Wrangler 3.8 Sahara Wrangler 3.8 Sahara 4x4
Wrangler 3.8 Unlimited Wrangler 3.8 Unlimited Rubicon
Wrangler 3.8 Unlimited Sahara Wrangler 3.8 Unlimited Sahara 4x4
Wrangler 3.8 Unlimited X Wrangler 3.8 Unlimited X 4x4
Wrangler 3.8 V6 Wrangler 3.8 V6 Unlimited
Wrangler 3.8 X Wrangler 4
Wrangler 4.0 Rubicon Wrangler 4.0 Sahara
Wrangler 4.0 Sahara 4x4 Wrangler 4.0 Sahara Automatic
Wrangler 4.0 Sport Wrangler 4.0 Sport 4x4
Wrangler 70th Anniversary Wrangler Automatic
Wrangler Freedom Edition Wrangler MOAB Edition
Wrangler Rubicon Wrangler Rubicon 3.8
Wrangler Rubicon 4.0 Wrangler Sahara
Wrangler Sahara 3.8 Wrangler SE
Wrangler Sport Wrangler Sport S
Wrangler Unlimited Wrangler Unlimited 70th Anniversary
Wrangler Unlimited Freedom Edition Wrangler Unlimited MOAB Edition
Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Wrangler Unlimited Sahara
Wrangler Unlimited Sport Wrangler Unlimited Sport RHD
Wrangler Unlimited Sport S Wrangler X
Wrangler X 4x4